How do you make yourself feel better if you are chubby


Nowadays, under the competitive society, more and more people have irregular and unbalanced lifestyles. Because they have many things(about the job or the family) need to do and almost have no time to think about that. As a result, there are lots of fat people today. Although, fat is not a negative thing, it will influence your career and your hookup date sometimes. So, how to avoid those disadvantages? I think you should accept your figure and then change your lifestyle slowly. Here are some tips in detail will help you to put your mind right as a chubby woman as follows.

To begin with, you'd better get along with those people who really appreciate you and don't mind your body. Then, you will have a good time! On the contrary, if you always meet people who don't like you sincerely and mind your figure very much, you may feel more nagative about yourself in the future life. So, i hope you can make your real friends. Secondly, don't hate those people who dislike your figure. If some people around you really mind your body, you can just seldome have communications with them rather than hate them. If you have this kind of emotion, it may bring some confusions to you. That's not a good thing i think. Thirdly, there are some fat people around you sometimes. And at that time, you can not describe them as "fat man"or"fat woman". Because if you do like this, it will make others feel unhappy and it may also remind you of yourself-"i'm a fat person". So, avoid saying that. Fourthly, even if your figure is plus size, you still have your own outstanding aspects and other advantages. For example, your eyes are very big and beautiful, your hair is black and long. On the other hand, you're a honest, kind and hardworking person. Those are your advantages, and you can show them to others bravely in your daily life. You needn't care about others' thoughts, because you are the queen of your life. So, just do yourself if you want. And by the way, i believe if people know more about your inner qualities, they not mind your figure and also willing to make friend with you. Last but not least, you should be very clear about your body information, do not be shy to measure that. Actually, it's important for you!
All in all, if you are a BBW person, do not always think about your figure. More importantly, you should make yourself feel comfortable and be happy everyday. And i believe that if you can do like that and pay more attention to your lifestyle, your figure will look better and better gradually.