Four different types of BBWs that men prefer


In today's daily life, it seems that women with skinny body shapes are more popular than those oversize women. And we can see that many famous women newspapers or magnizes always use the photos of slim, beautiful and sexy women as their covers. But there are a part of men who are interested in plus size women, yes, i mean BBWs as well. We all know that BBWs are fat and another truth can prove this point is that they need to wear clothes of almost the largest size. Anyway, no matter what to say, those men still prefer BBWs. And there are four different types of plus size women that men really prefer, let's talk about it together, here are them as follow.

To begin with, plus size women are always cheerful. Because they seldom have those strict rules about themselves, for example, they just laught happily even in public if they found something very funny. Unlike skinny women, they may feel shy to do that and will try to stop themselves. So, stay with plus size women, men can often feel very happy and cheerful. By the way, because of this point, plus size women will be more easy to get along with i think. The second type is that plus size women are more huggable compared with slim women. We know that hug is a normal thing in our life and if we meet something exacting, we even hug our friends tightly. For men, they prefer hugging BBWs, they always feel comfortable and soft because of BBWs's big figures. While for slim women, sometimes men dare not to hug them so tightly, because they think slim women are too fragile or even their bones will be broken easily. Thirdly, in some men's eyes, BBWs are hot. It is not mean that they are very sexy, but means they always have positive attitudes towards their lives. What's more, they often be pround of themselves no matter how others judge them. Last but not least, BBWs are full of confidence. This is the essential point i think. They nerver care about what others say about them, and they know what they really want and keep being themselves in the lives.
Some men have found that skinny women may become a little bit different after BBW dating for a long time, so, they chose to try hookup dating with BBWs, and finally they were attracted by BBWs. All in all, everyone has his own taste, if you were a man, will you be fond of one of the type of BBWs?