How to hookup with girls at parties and music festivals?


I am a huge fan of festivals and carnivals, because I can always meet some crazy baby and hook up with her before the night ends. Music festival and parties are great places to meet girls. I would like to share my strategy. 

First, you need to get a ticket to the music festival. Ideally speaking, you should buy the ticket, for music, for fun and for experience. This is the top priority. If you buy the ticket mainly for hooking up with girls, then this is totally the wrong reason. Such behavior will make you a hookup buddy who will do anything just to get girls in bed. This would be a gad impression, right?

The most important thing is to have fun, the real fun. Everyone can see that you are really having fun, especially girls. This is the key to success. If you have some purpose there, like sleeping with a girl, you will seem like a real pain in the ass. Therefore, go to a party or music festival you really like. 

If an activity starts at 6pm and ends at 4 am, I would usually show up with my friends at around 8 pm. Of course you can go alone, but I think it is much funnier to go with friends. I do enjoy spending time with my friends and I can be more confident and relaxed when I am around people I familiar with. It depends on individuals. If you are better when you are alone, you can go ahead. I usually go with other three friends who share the same purpose with me, that is having fun, meet BBW girls and tinder hookup with them.

The first couple of hours is what we call free time. You can do anything you want there. The main purpose of this period of time is for you to let go of yourself. Unleash the beast from the reserved shell. You can ease yourself from the busy working week. Get rid of all the pressure and have fun with your friends. But do not use this as the excuse to not approach girls.

I would dance with my friends and enjoy the real funny time. We encourage each other to dance and make each other laugh. We don’t need anyone else. Even though we don’t meet any girls that night, we will still have some great time together. I find myself more and more enjoying the couple of hours with my friends instead of chasing after girls trying to get a one night hookup.

Then we will start hunting at around 11. You need to find a girl before midnight, otherwise they will be taken. Don’t think of this as a set principle. You can find a girl at any time you want, but for me, this is the best time for myself. Moving through the crowd and you will find some girl really enjoying the music and some really ready for a one night-stand. You will see them. If you have any target, just invite her to dance with you. This is extremely easy and spontaneous. Almost no girl will refuse to dance at a music party. Then you are on. Just that easy.