Men like to date with BBWs or slim women


As the development of online dating, especially the BBW dating sites, a lot of BBW singles are going to find their true love through the BBW dating sites. But most people may ask a question, what kind of woman that men want to find? Or we can also say what's the size does a man really like? There is no a standard answer of this question i think, because different men have their different ideas about it. So, now i would like to tell you a story about my dating experience, and i believe you can get some information about whether the men like plus suze women or slim women. There are some details as follow.
As a matter of fact, my weight is not very stable during almost the half of my life. For example, i was a skinny girl when i was in primary school; then became a little bit fat in the middle school and senior high school. But after that or until now, i came to the fattest period of my life. As a single woman with big body shape, also can say BBW, i want to find my real and true love very much. As a result, i did a kind of experiment in order to know what kind of woman that men prefer more. I signed up two BBW dating sites, one of them uses a fat profile of mine, and the other use a much thinner profile of mine. Then, after few weeks or even few months, i found that the second style of mine, i mean the thinner one received lots of messages from different men, and even much more than the fat one. So, it is not easy to get a result from my experiment, most men prefer seeking for a slim woman as their dating partner nowadays. But we cannot deny that there are some men who would like to find a BBW on the hookup apps.
In a word, in my personal view, i feel more confident when i am a fat woman and have happy life as well. So, i don't want to change this kind of situation though it may not good to find a partner soon. I will try my best to do it anyway. If you are the same with me in a way, i recommend that you can choose a nice BBW dating site and it will do you a favor to find your real love finally i think.