Different people have different attitudes to BBW


We all know that BBWs are very popular around the world nowadays, more and more countries or areas pay much attention to BBW hookup as well. But do you know that in different countries, people always have different attitudes to BBWs. Some places approve of the group of BBWs, while others have some prejudices to BBWs. So, if you are a BBW and in order to own a kind of happy and comfortable BBW dating relationship, sometimes you need to move to a place where BBW can be accepted easily. Today, let's say something about different attitudes of different countries.


Some countries in Europe, the first one is France. You may think this country is a little bit crazy, but people there almost never judge a person. That's very good! You needn't worry about that people may don't like BBWs, and you will be respected by everyone there. By the way, the environment of France is so nice. For example, fresh air, blue sky and so on. Another country in Europe is Germany. Do you know that Germans like eating very much and there are lots of delicious national food? So, it's a normal thing that most Germans are overweight and BBWs are welcomed there very much we can say in this way. Then, the attitude of America. In North America, it's not a nice place for BBWs actually. Because you may be bothered by others easily there and sometimes you will feel the local people are crazy in a way. However, in South America, you needn't worry about anything about your weigh, because people are very open there and big body shape is not a problem for them. So, you can have a great time there i think. In Asia, people think their genetics will influence generations' weight, they seldom judge those BBWs because of their weight, and they think health is more significant. What's more, most people in Asia do not like foreigners. Finally, in Australia. A lot of native people are foreigners there and they will never judge you. So, it's still a good place to take into consideration i think.


Well, as far as i am concered, it doesn't matter where you meet with your love. The most important thing is that you need to find a nice place for your curvy dating relationship. So, if you move to a place where the BBW is welcomed very much, you will have a comfortable relationship and can enjoy yourself well.