Different Online Dating Experiences From BBW Women


BBW relationship has become a trend in America for there are two-thirds of Americans getting a big body. But fortunately, when things come to dating, lots of big beautiful women and big handsome men will be eager to share their bad experiences to others to express their sadness and dissatisfaction. They will face discrimination whatever they do in their life, especially when they try to find themselves a BBW date. The most important thing is that it seems like they could do nothing about it. Here are the overviews of the online dating experiences from some curvy women:

“When I found that it was difficult for me to get a date in the real world, I started to date online. So, I just chose one of those popular hookup apps to join. And I thought it would be nice if I was honest about my weight in my profile and photos to get a perfect man for myself. But I was wrong. Barely no one shows their interest in me, not to mention sending messages to me. I was totally disappointed and ready to quit. That’s when I got a message from a man who said that he was interested in me. So, we exchange several emails and we thought it was the time to meet. He flew across the country to see me. But in the end, he asked me to refund his ticket just because my weight was not his type. That was really ridiculous. After that experience, I happened to find a truth that BBW ladies like me should use niche dating sites that target plus sized women that will do us a great favor to meet more new men who are admirers of us. That is all I suggest to my fellows.”

“When I tried to start my dating life on BBW dating sites, I was greatly surprised to find so many men who are interested in dating curvy women. Before that, I have experienced several bad relationships with men who don’t really enjoy the life with a big beautiful woman. Soon, I got crazy amounts of winks, messages and emails online. I finally figured out the truth that there are men who prefer overweighted and chubby women like me. We do have the advantage over those skinny girls. It didn’t take me a lot of time to meet a man who become my current boyfriend. He is the man who really cares about me and respects me. All he wants is to make me happy. I feel I am lucky enough to meet him.”