As a wooplus guy, a sad story about my first threesome


I am Jeff. I am living in NY city and currently working as a sales manager in a small company. Recently my wooplus girlfriend just broke up with me. We have had a very long bbw hookup dating relationship of 5 years. We have been together since high school and everything was great until we had a threesome hookup. You can hear me out if you are interested.

Over one year ago, we moved together in my house I bought in NY. We decided that we would be married one year later, so we thought it would be a good idea to live together first to see if it works. Three months ago, we both discovered that there was something wrong with our wooplus dating relationship. We were a little tired of it, both of us. We would perform sexually only once every two or three weeks. We decide to give is a change. She brought it up that we could have a threesome together, because one of her friends were having threesomes with her husband, and it worked really good. I agreed. I thought it wouldn't hurt to bring another girl into bed with me. I wouldn't definitely mind it at all if my girlfriend is okay with it.
We downloaded a tinder for threesome dating app. Well, actually, she did. I thought it would be better if she gets to choose the person for the sake of our curvy dating relationship. I wouldn't do anything to hurt it. After all, we already decided to marry very soon. The last thing I would do is to damage it. So she found a girl and I thought she was okay too. The next thing we did was to invite her to our house for dinner. We watched a movie together before going to bed. It was a lovely experience. We both loved it very much. What is more, I could sense that our bbw dating relationship was really getting better. We both loved this girl and we decided to ask her if she would like to be our regular guest. This idea turned out to be terrible. She said yes.
After that, we would meet about once a week for threesomes and she would come to our house for dinner occasionally. I often caught them kissing and touching each other in my couch, but I never thought too much about it. After all, they were two girls fooling around never did I thought my girlfriend being a lesbian.
Until one month ago, my girlfriend came to me and told me that she thought she might be a lesbian. I was shocked and I didn't believe it neither. It took me a few weeks to accept. She didn't ask for a break up, but she did move out, to live with the girl we had threesome with. So I guess it proved much more than words. That was how we broke up. I felt that I was violated, but I still couldn't hate her. She really had me out of guards. I guess the one thing I did wrong was to have a threesome with her. I shouldn't do it at the first place.