5 ways to increase your attraction to BBW women!


As most freelance single men know, it's hard to do well on BBW dating. You're excited to make a good first impression, but sometimes even your best efforts don't leave a lasting impression.

While the rules of attraction remain a mystery to many men, impressing BBW women is not an exact science - well, not exactly. If you're already planning on a first curvy hookup, we have some tips to help you turn a first date disaster into Casanova!

Wear clothes appropriate to the occasion

Whether you opt for a low-key trip to the cinema or a fancy restaurant, your dress sense will immediately be measured by any savvy woman. Try to match your style to your chosen location, but don't forget the basics - the belt must go with the shoes!

Be casual when necessary; Remember, overdressing is also a faux pas. If you dress more formally than your plus size date, you may not be welcome.

With her

As you speak and listen, a lot of eye contact relaxes her and builds a connection. Show your interest and insight by expressing her story and answering her questions. Making her feel desired will only increase your desire.

Let her talk

The ability to listen is a great quality that all curvy women appreciate! Giving her time to talk instead of babbling is a big step towards a successful fat tinder hookup. This doesn't mean not talking at all - coming across as shy can hinder communication. Shared conversations light the way to Shared bonds.

Attractive taste

This is a slightly obvious but vital piece of advice, but if you smell great, your appeal will increase immeasulably. Never underestimate the power of a good aftershave. Your scent is a subtle trait that conveys important social and personal meanings - so if your chubby date is landing on a warm summer night, forgetting to use antiperspirants could be a disaster.

Be a gentleman

Who says chivalry is dead? Some people may think small details are outdated, but in fact, these subtle expressions of thoughtfulness and gentlemanliness will be recognized and appreciated by most women. So open the door for her, pull out her chair, eat slowly, pay the bill, and we promise a good response. Curvy dating trends will come and go, but being a gentleman never goes out of style.