As a wooplus guy, a sad story about my first threesome

I am Jeff. I am living in NY city and currently working as a sales manager in a small company. Recently my wooplus girlfriend just broke up with me. We have had a very long bbw hookup dating relationship of 5 years. We have been together since high school and everything was great until we had a threesome hookup. You can hear me out if you are interested.
Over one year ago, we moved together in my house I bought in NY. We decided that we would be married one year later, so we thought it would be a good idea to live together first to see if it works. Three months ago, we both discovered that there was something wrong with our wooplus dating relationship. We were a little tired of it, both of us. We would perform sexually only once every two or three weeks. We decide to give is a change. She brought it up that we could have a threesome together, because one of her friends were having threesomes with her husband, and it worked really good. I agreed. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring another girl into bed with me. I wouldn’t definitely mind it at all if my girlfriend is okay with it.
We downloaded a tinder for threesome dating app. Well, actually, she did. I thought it would be better if she gets to choose the person for the sake of our curvy dating relationship. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. After all, we already decided to marry very soon. The last thing I would do is to damage it. So she found a girl and I thought she was okay too. The next thing we did was to invite her to our house for dinner. We watched a movie together before going to bed. It was a lovely experience. We both loved it very much. What is more, I could sense that our bbw dating relationship was really getting better. We both loved this girl and we decided to ask her if she would like to be our regular guest. This idea turned out to be terrible. She said yes.
After that, we would meet about once a week for threesomes and she would come to our house for dinner occasionally. I often caught them kissing and touching each other in my couch, but I never thought too much about it. After all, they were two girls fooling around never did I thought my girlfriend being a lesbian.
Until one month ago, my girlfriend came to me and told me that she thought she might be a lesbian. I was shocked and I didn’t believe it neither. It took me a few weeks to accept. She didn’t ask for a break up, but she did move out, to live with the girl we had threesome with. So I guess it proved much more than words. That was how we broke up. I felt that I was violated, but I still couldn’t hate her. She really had me out of guards. I guess the one thing I did wrong was to have a threesome with her. I shouldn’t do it at the first place.

Sharing a WooPlus BBW love story with you

After introducing many BBW dating sites to you, some of you may have already found your life partners, while others are still on the way of searching. Sometimes, it is a long process before succeeding, but i have to tell you that never give up no matter what kind of difficulties you meet. And today, i want to share a BBW love story of WooPlus with you, hope it will bring you some new ideas. 


The main two people of the story are Bambi and Donte. While talking with people on the WooPlus, Bambi was matched with Donte. And here are some words from Bambi. “When we first started talking, I was a little worried because I was 14 years older than him,” she said. I think we may not have further relationship. But things are totally different, after talking for a while, i found that as a matter of fact, we have many aspects in common. And what’s more, we decided to meet with each other next day eventually. Now, our hookup dating relationship has lasts over one month, we spent most time together and our relationship is very stable as well. During those days, we have done many interesting and happy things together. For example, i took him to a new restaurant and we enjoyed lots of delicious food, then we went to a cinema and watched some very wonderful movies which impressed me a lot. We talked about these films together and laughed together. And what’s more, we also played all kinds of games with him, that made me so excited. So, you can see that our life is very happy and we both feel comfortable when we stay with each other. Another thing is that i was sick recently and it was a little bit serious, Donte spent most of his time accompanying with me, he tried his best to make me laugh and hope i can feel much better. I was move by him and felt that it is really a fortunate thing to meet him. Although i am not sure what will happen in our future life, i will cherish our relationship that we owned now. And i would like to express my gratitude to him and the dating site-WooPlus. Thanks a lot! “


Do you feel moved about this story? Anyway, as far as i am concerned, our life is changable and we don’t know what will happen in the next minute. So, there are many things that we need to cherish in our daily life. Don’t hesitate any more, if you want to seek for your ideal BBW partner, just go to do it or continue to do it! 

The founder of talks about his first threesome experience

Hello, every registered user of, known as one of the most popular online threesome dating sites catering exclusively to swingers who are into kinky dating, bisexual dating, polyamorous dating as well as threesome hookup dating, I am Jeff, the founder of the avant-garde of tinder for couples and tinder for threesomes. After had more than 10 years of experience involved in three way dating and living a swinging lifestyle, I decided to set up a platform for swingers like me who want to optimize the quality of online threesome dating and facilitate their social life. Of course, I have multiple three way dating experience with both men and women, transgender and crossgresser. But the very first threesome dating experience is what lead me to the world of threesome dating and is definitely considered as the most memorable experience of mine.
I was one of those kids in college who focus on study all the time. Of course I find it hard for me to get any kind of reactions from a female. I still remember that day when I was invited to a birthday of a friend who partly owns a club in town.
“Jeff, I am going to make my 20 year old birthday party the most interesting one in town!” that’s what he said to me 3 days before the party started. I didn’t figure out the meaning of interesting till 3 days later when the party officially began.
He invited all the hot girls in school and also the best DJ and MC that he could think of in town. Oh yeah, what I thought at first was that this party is definitely going to be lit. More than lit.
I was holding a glass of wine and a plate of beef steak trying to find a spot to fit in in order to save my empty stomach. But it seemed like that no one there was actually interested in meal. Soon two girls who were tipsy approached me at the dinner table and started flirting with me in no time. Well, as a kid with absolutely no experience, I was pretty confused since I had no idea how to flirt back, that’s the first second, to two girls at the same time.
“Let’s just be straight. Would you go to the bedroom upstairs with me or not?”
That was literally what I was thinking.
But a part of me just got all excited and my body roamed into the bedroom with the two insanely hot girls even though I was not sure what was waiting for me.
Here comes the best part: threesome. I couldn’t imagine how lucky I was to get to land something like this. And It was absolutely mind blowing for me, or even life changing.
I don’t think the point is to get into the details in the bedroom, instead, the experience has opened a new world for me, letting me know that I am more open minded than I thought.

 Different people have different attitudes to BBW

We all know that BBWs are very popular around the world nowadays, more and more countries or areas pay much attention to BBW hookup as well. But do you know that in different countries, people always have different attitudes to BBWs. Some places approve of the group of BBWs, while others have some prejudices to BBWs. So, if you are a BBW and in order to own a kind of happy and comfortable BBW dating relationship, sometimes you need to move to a place where BBW can be accepted easily. Today, let’s say something about different attitudes of different countries.


Some countries in Europe, the first one is France. You may think this country is a little bit crazy, but people there almost never judge a person. That’s very good! You needn’t worry about that people may don’t like BBWs, and you will be respected by everyone there. By the way, the environment of France is so nice. For example, fresh air, blue sky and so on. Another country in Europe is Germany. Do you know that Germans like eating very much and there are lots of delicious national food? So, it’s a normal thing that most Germans are overweight and BBWs are welcomed there very much we can say in this way. Then, the attitude of America. In North America, it’s not a nice place for BBWs actually. Because you may be bothered by others easily there and sometimes you will feel the local people are crazy in a way. However, in South America, you needn’t worry about anything about your weigh, because people are very open there and big body shape is not a problem for them. So, you can have a great time there i think. In Asia, people think their genetics will influence generations’ weight, they seldom judge those BBWs because of their weight, and they think health is more significant. What’s more, most people in Asia do not like foreigners. Finally, in Australia. A lot of native people are foreigners there and they will never judge you. So, it’s still a good place to take into consideration i think.


Well, as far as i am concered, it doesn’t matter where you meet with your love. The most important thing is that you need to find a nice place for your curvy dating relationship. So, if you move to a place where the BBW is welcomed very much, you will have a comfortable relationship and can enjoy yourself well.

One of the most reliable sites-Find A BBW Lover  

Find A BBW Lover is one of the most reliable hookup apps nowadays, especially if you want to find a BBW partner who comes from the same place with you, this may be the best choice for you. Because there is a community on the site and it includes a lot of people who would like to seek for their dating partners. And what’s more, the site will protect your personal information well, so, don’t worry too much about it! By the way, after signing up, you can just start your dating by yourself.


Here are some features of this site. First of all, new users have right to look through others’ profiles, and it’s free. Of course you must use those profiles in a legal way, i mean you can take the profile into consideration whether the BBW is your style or not. That may do you a favor in a way. Secondly, if you decide that how long you are going to use this site, you have to pay a certain amount of money according to the time. Don’t worry, that is not expensive and most of you guys are able to afford, and then there are many kinds of services that you can try and enjoy by yourself. Thirdly, if the site has some notifications that you have to know, they will be sent to your own mail box, otherwise, they may call you directly or send the message to you. All in all, you will be informed by this site very quickly and it is also very convenient i think. Last but not least, there is a wonderful forum for adults, so you can communicate with others freely and will find your best dating partner very soon maybe. That sounds great, right? Some pros of this curvy dating site, people think that they need not worry that their privacy will be known by other illegal parties. Because the site has very strict and safe actions to protect every user’s privacy. Besides this, there are many kinds of choices for users to interact with BBW, that’s really convenient i think. What’s more, this BBW dating site will help you save much time. However, some people have different opinion of it. They think that there are so many users can look all users’ profiles or even photos, actually it is not safe in a way.


Well, we always say that every coin has two sides. So, people have different views on this site. But as far as i am concerned, Find A BBW Lover is one of the best dating site around us. And it worth to have a try i think!

Some reasons of choosing a BBW partner

As we all know, in our traditional Chinese people’s minds, most people prefer seeking for skinny women as their partners, and slim body shape is becoming one of the standards of a partner we can say like this. However, not all people have the same taste, there are some people who would like to find a BBW partner. Well, sometimes you may ask why and feel a little bit confused. Here, i am going to introduce some reasons of choosing BBW partners.


Firstly, a lot of people are fond of BBW’s big boobs. As a matter of fact, most men think that big boobs are the standard of a beautiful and sexy woman. And almost every BBW has big boobs, so, men want to find BBW hookup partners. Secondly, another feature that makes BBWs more sexy is their big sized butts. Compared with those skinny women, there is no doubt that BBWs have bigger sized butts, and it makes them more attractive. Thirdly, BBWs have soft skin. Because they are plus size women and have more extra weight compared with skinny women. That makes them very cute and touches softly as well. Fourthly, some men like eating very much or we can say they are real foodies. But they may be afraid of eating a lot in front of women. Well, you needn’t worry about this problem if you choose BBW partners. BBWs themselves are really good companions for you and you can enjoy the meal well with them i think. Fifthly, BBWs always look much younger than their real ages. I’m not sure whether everybody noticed this phenomenon or not, but there are some researchs and facts about it. Sixthly, most people believe that plus size women are easy to be pregnant and can develop more children in the future. So, lots of men prefer seeking for BBW partners. Seventhly, under some effects of the westen cultures, the body shapes of BBWs are marked as a kind of classic beauty in some people’s eyes. And big body shape also means health and elegance. Last but not least, some people think that BBWs are more mature than skinny women and they can take good care of their partners.


After hearing these reasons, are you interested in BBW? Well, if so, just take your actions from now and hope you will have a nice dating jounery.

Dating tips for BBW Women

BBW – Big beautiful woman, the most common term that is used for plus size women, overweight women or fat women. There are many terms that you can call them but I believe BBW is quite the best among all of them. If you have curves in you, you are beautiful and good looking not matter how big you are.
When you think about dating, is size or shape really matters or you think that BBW women won’t get any date due to their size and shape of the body. The answer of this awkward question is big no and any BBW women can easily find a date via online fat dating websites. But being a BBW, you need to know about yourself and you must have to accept your body size first than others will start liking you and taking interest in you.
However, not every man is looking for skinny women to date some men are also interested in BBW women that exactly match to them. There are too many hookup apps live in web that offers BBW dating services. But you know, it’s not quite that easy to find a date online via these online dating websites. But there are some tips and tricks that make online dating easy and quite interesting for BBW
Here are the tips that help any BBW woman to find their Mr. Right and enjoy their dating together with the help of online dating websites. If you are BBW woman and looking for dating partner, follow these tips while creating your profile in BBW dating websites and searching for your Mr. Right. Here are the tips –
Accept yourself as a BBW – If you won’t accept you as a BBW and hide from the fact about your body or size than it won’t work. If you really want to find a date in online dating sites than there is no point to update your wrong information in any online dating site. It won’t work for long and when it comes to meeting, you will lose your dating partner and might also bring a negative impact of yours.
Be strong and confident and accept what exactly you are and why you are here in online dating site. Dating someone is based in true facts. So it’s important not to tell a lie to her about her body or beauty. Be the real you and don’t lie to your dating partner.
Find a profile that has something common in between you -Yes, it really helps to take your conversation further. It is advised to connect with those guys that have something common in between you. It helps to communicate better and an extra topic to discuss each other views and also helps to understand each other.
Don’t get serious in dating too quickly – it’s an online dating and most people are here for fun and laugh. So, don’t get serious towards your dating partner unless you are quite sure about your partner. Stay happy and love your life.

2018 Top 10 BBW Dating Sites Reviews

If you’re a big and beautiful single and looking for hooking up with a local curvy girl or big guy, BBW dating sites should be your first choice to find a sweet plus size single. is a professional review site of those popular BBW hookup apps on the internet. It is the right place for plus size single women & men and those who are interested in dating a big size girl or guy.

Top # 1 BBW Dating App

BBW women dating app gives big beautiful women and their admirers the freedom to search for matches and talk with others from anywhere. As a plus size dating app, it is really convenient for people who prefer the words like big, beautiful, curvy, plus size, chubby, super size, fat, obese and more to find each other and get interacted with each other. So, you just need to believe that you are going to open a new world once you choose to download and join BBW dating app.
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Top #2

If you are searching for a plus size dating site that can lead to you to find your perfect BBW date, then will definitely be your best choice. The home page for the site is easy to use with a clean interface design. As the site claims that it is a BBW dating site for hot chubby women and their admirers to get connected with each other and develop kinds of relationship with those that they are interested in. With so many powerful features, is no doubt a great tool for you to have a safe and comfortable dating experience.
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Top #3

Maybe you have experienced a hard time when you tried hard to meet new men who are interested in plus size dating and keep them. Now provides you a dating place wherein all singles are either hot BBW women or admirers for big beautiful dating. With this site, you will feel stress-free to show your interests to those you are interested in and without worrying being rejected by other singles. So, if you are looking for your true love to have a serious BBW romance, then don’t be hesitated to join it and start dating online.
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Top #4

Are you a BBW who is eager to find your true love in life or are you looking for a BBW date with a curvy girl? If you are one of the two, then will be your best choice to get what you want. It is an outstanding big women dating site for those plus size women and their admirer to find friends, a date or a serious relationship easily and comfortably. Its convenience, simple design, easy to use interface, powerful searching system and useful chatting tools make it one of the most popular and reputable dating site for BBW ladies and men who love BBW.
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Top #5 might be the best choices for big beautiful girls and big handsome men, as well as those admirers who are looking for a BBW romance to find their love online. It is a highly recommended dating site for plus size women to have a safe and comfortable dating experience in a relaxed atmosphere. It focuses on helping those who have been had bad relationships or those who found it is hard to meet their soul mate to have an easy way to see how far they can go without discrimination and judgment.
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Top #6 is one of the most popular plus size dating websites online. It is free for those hot fat women and their admires who want to get contact with them to find more new singles for fun and long-lasting relationship. It is a niche dating site that can meet all the needs of big beautiful women and offer them more chances to find their BBW romance easily and freely. If you are now wishing to meet your soul mate in your life, you will definitely benefit a lot from this BBW dating site.
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Top #7 is a dating site and also a social network for feeders, feedees, BBW, BHM and their admirers who wish to meet more like-minded singles online. No matter where you are from or what you are doing, you are welcome to join the site to find interesting people for love and friendship if you are into feederism and fat admiring. Just feel free to check the detailed review of and decide if you are going to give yourself a chance to start your dating life here.
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Top #8 BBW Dating

One of the most popular and easy to use BBW dating sites online is, a great dating site that especially caters to BBW women and their admirers to find each other for dating, love, friendship or marriage. If you are a plus sized woman who desire for a man to love and respect you, or if you are a BBW admirer who wish to meet one of them for a serious relationship, then you are at the right place when you land on It is a helpful tool for you to find your true love as long as you are willing to join in.
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Top #9 Black BBW Dating

Are you a big black woman or one of those who are interested in dating black BBWs? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. is a niche dating site specially aiming to offer a safe and simple dating environment for plus size singles. Once you are at the site, you will get more chances to meet your potential dates to develop a serious relationship with. The who features on the site and the huge member base can guarantee you that you are going to find what you want online.
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How to ask questions and behave properly when dating

Now, some of you may meet a problem after using BBW dating sites for few weeks or months. According to BBW dating, you guys think you choose nice and effective curvy dating sites, your profiles are very beautiful and attractive, and also you behave so actively. But it’s not easy to find your ideal BBW dating partner at last. Have you ever think about it? Why this kind of phenomenon will happen? Well, in my opinion, one of the most important reasons is that you may not ask the right questions and some of your words are not appropriate. People always say interact is a kind of art, obviously, what you are saying is essential on the dating.
I would like to say something about how to ask the right questions and talk properly when you are dating, and here are some details as follow. To begin with, when you first meet a BBW on the dating, you need to listen carefully and answer her if needed while she is talking some basic information. And you can try to catch the main features of her, then those will help you continue your dating relationship in the future life. At least, you may leave a good first impression to the BBW that you met. But on the other hand, if you have no idea about how to achieve that specifically, i mean you don’t know what you need to say. I suggest that you can search some examples of others on the Internet, it is a nice option. Last but not least, you’d better figure out what made your recent dating relationship break up? Whether it was your problem or BBW’s problem? After thinking it over, i believe you can get some inspiration from the old relationship. And what’s more, you will know how to deal with your new dating relationship well. Move forward to achieving it, you need to be patient and careful to know more about your BBW partner during the following dating, and that helps a lot i think.
In a word, these information came from my own experience, i’m not sure if it works for everyone. But if you think what i have mentioned do have some advantages, now you can just check your BBW hookup app and start your dating journey.

Men like to date with BBWs or slim women

As the development of online dating, especially the BBW dating sites, a lot of BBW singles are going to find their true love through the BBW dating sites. But most people may ask a question, what kind of woman that men want to find? Or we can also say what’s the size does a man really like? There is no a standard answer of this question i think, because different men have their different ideas about it. So, now i would like to tell you a story about my dating experience, and i believe you can get some information about whether the men like plus suze women or slim women. There are some details as follow.
As a matter of fact, my weight is not very stable during almost the half of my life. For example, i was a skinny girl when i was in primary school; then became a little bit fat in the middle school and senior high school. But after that or until now, i came to the fattest period of my life. As a single woman with big body shape, also can say BBW, i want to find my real and true love very much. As a result, i did a kind of experiment in order to know what kind of woman that men prefer more. I signed up two BBW dating sites, one of them uses a fat profile of mine, and the other use a much thinner profile of mine. Then, after few weeks or even few months, i found that the second style of mine, i mean the thinner one received lots of messages from different men, and even much more than the fat one. So, it is not easy to get a result from my experiment, most men prefer seeking for a slim woman as their dating partner nowadays. But we cannot deny that there are some men who would like to find a BBW on the hookup apps.
In a word, in my personal view, i feel more confident when i am a fat woman and have happy life as well. So, i don’t want to change this kind of situation though it may not good to find a partner soon. I will try my best to do it anyway. If you are the same with me in a way, i recommend that you can choose a nice BBW dating site and it will do you a favor to find your real love finally i think.

Join the top bbw dating sites to meet local big beautiful single women and guys for bbw romance or cupid. It is the best way to meet big beautiful people.