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How do you make yourself feel better if you are chubby

Nowadays, under the competitive society, more and more people have irregular and unbalanced lifestyles. Because they have many things(about the job or the family) need to do and almost have no time to think about that. As a result, there are lots of fat people today. Although, fat is not a negative thing, it will influence your career and your hookup date sometimes. So, how to avoid those disadvantages? I think you should accept your figure and then change your lifestyle slowly. Here are some tips in detail will help you to put your mind right as a chubby woman as follows.
To begin with, you’d better get along with those people who really appreciate you and don’t mind your body. Then, you will have a good time! On the contrary, if you always meet people who don’t like you sincerely and mind your figure very much, you may feel more nagative about yourself in the future life. So, i hope you can make your real friends. Secondly, don’t hate those people who dislike your figure. If some people around you really mind your body, you can just seldome have communications with them rather than hate them. If you have this kind of emotion, it may bring some confusions to you. That’s not a good thing i think. Thirdly, there are some fat people around you sometimes. And at that time, you can not describe them as “fat man”or”fat woman”. Because if you do like this, it will make others feel unhappy and it may also remind you of yourself-“i’m a fat person”. So, avoid saying that. Fourthly, even if your figure is plus size, you still have your own outstanding aspects and other advantages. For example, your eyes are very big and beautiful, your hair is black and long. On the other hand, you’re a honest, kind and hardworking person. Those are your advantages, and you can show them to others bravely in your daily life. You needn’t care about others’ thoughts, because you are the queen of your life. So, just do yourself if you want. And by the way, i believe if people know more about your inner qualities, they not mind your figure and also willing to make friend with you. Last but not least, you should be very clear about your body information, do not be shy to measure that. Actually, it’s important for you!
All in all, if you are a BBW person, do not always think about your figure. More importantly, you should make yourself feel comfortable and be happy everyday. And i believe that if you can do like that and pay more attention to your lifestyle, your figure will look better and better gradually.

Four different types of BBWs that men prefer

In today’s daily life, it seems that women with skinny body shapes are more popular than those oversize women. And we can see that many famous women newspapers or magnizes always use the photos of slim, beautiful and sexy women as their covers. But there are a part of men who are interested in plus size women, yes, i mean BBWs as well. We all know that BBWs are fat and another truth can prove this point is that they need to wear clothes of almost the largest size. Anyway, no matter what to say, those men still prefer BBWs. And there are four different types of plus size women that men really prefer, let’s talk about it together, here are them as follow.
To begin with, plus size women are always cheerful. Because they seldom have those strict rules about themselves, for example, they just laught happily even in public if they found something very funny. Unlike skinny women, they may feel shy to do that and will try to stop themselves. So, stay with plus size women, men can often feel very happy and cheerful. By the way, because of this point, plus size women will be more easy to get along with i think. The second type is that plus size women are more huggable compared with slim women. We know that hug is a normal thing in our life and if we meet something exacting, we even hug our friends tightly. For men, they prefer hugging BBWs, they always feel comfortable and soft because of BBWs’s big figures. While for slim women, sometimes men dare not to hug them so tightly, because they think slim women are too fragile or even their bones will be broken easily. Thirdly, in some men’s eyes, BBWs are hot. It is not mean that they are very sexy, but means they always have positive attitudes towards their lives. What’s more, they often be pround of themselves no matter how others judge them. Last but not least, BBWs are full of confidence. This is the essential point i think. They nerver care about what others say about them, and they know what they really want and keep being themselves in the lives.
Some men have found that skinny women may become a little bit different after BBW dating for a long time, so, they chose to try hookup dating with BBWs, and finally they were attracted by BBWs. All in all, everyone has his own taste, if you were a man, will you be fond of one of the type of BBWs?

Some tips for overweight daters to build up their confidence

There are more than seven billion people around the world, and of course, all the people are different. Some of them are tall and slim, while some of them are fat and a little bit short. I believe all of them are wanting to find their true love, and find their partners as well. If you are a slim and beautiful girl, it may be easier for you to have a hookup and find your partner. But how about thise fat, i mean BBW girls? Can they find their partners as easy as those slim girls? We know that the answer is not. However, they still have rights and chances to pursue the love and seek for partners. Here, i would like to introduce some tips which might help those overweight daters build up their confidence.
First of all, you need to accept yourself. Although, your body figure is not very good and not all the people around you will like you maybe. You just do not care too much about that! What you should do is accept your body figure, and if you feel happy everyday, it is enough i think. And everytime you get up, you can stand in front of the mirror and tell youself:”i’m looking well!” That is a good encouragement for you. Secondly, do not judge yourself hastily and do not always think that you are not attractive to people around you. On the contrary, you can try different style things and often go outside with different kinds of people. Thirdly, you should show your real photos online. I know that people all want to show their best aspects to others. But if you put fake photos on plus size dating websites, it will be very embarrassed if you have a real BBW dating meal with a person someday, because he will find that you look different from your photos online. So, you should be sincere i think. Fourthly, dressing well could help you a lot. We know that your dressing is very essential in a way, and it will be remembered in one’s mind easily. So, what you need to do is dressing comfortably, it will help you behave naturally. Fivethly, you should prepare to be refused, i think a valuable thing can not succeed only once. And what’s more, you can learn something from your failure. So, never stop finding your love even if someone refused you. Last but not least, you should try your best to show your positives to others. Maybe, others do not like your body figure veru much, but they might be attracted by your inner qualities, like your kindness, optimism and so on. So, try to be brave and show them out!
In conclusion, i think whether you are slim or overweight, you can pursue your love. And i hope my ideas could help you to find your love.

Don’t Make 5 Common Mistakes on BBW Dating Apps

As a BBW, Are you finding it difficult get in touch with men on dating app? Do you feel that there is something destroy the chance of looking for an ideal partner? In fact, it’s not because you’re unattractive or chubby, it probably owing to your approach to online dating is wrong. Women tend to make lots of mistakes on plus size dating apps that sabotage their opportunities to get into a genuine relationship. In this case, women tend to blame the dating apps for providing lackluster service. According to the research, some experts have summarized a list of the most common mistakes that BBWs make on BBW dating apps.
People aren’t able to get in touch with you
It’s difficult to make people connect with you if the information on your profile is too generalizing. Therefore, add something very personal about your life on your profile contributes to catch the attention of the minded people. For instance, writing your specific cuisines such as France, Italy and Mexico instead of including general thing such as you’re a foodie.
Your photo lacks the attraction.
The biggest mistakes that you put up a photo of entire group of women. In this case, a stranger is not able to recognize who you are in a very short time. It’s better to update a solo photo so that a stranger will know your look in real immediately. According to a survey about online dating, 83 percent of men start a conversation with a woman just on the basis of their photo.
You’re so easy to get along with
If you make yourself way too get along with to men, they will not take you too seriously. Make yourself unique as far as possible but don’t make them feel that they can’t associate with you. It’s essential that you can’t refuse him and give him a little hope. Do not show how desperate you are to connect with a man on the hookup apps.
You’re self obsessed
Many BBWs lack of the skills to communicate with a prospective partner. Bear in mind, communication concludes two aspects that speaking and listening. You need to learn to listen as well as speak to what the other people says. If you just tell your potential match about what you’re looking for the relationship without saying what you can offer, things may tend to end up in a mess.
Don’t be silly to wait for men to contact you
A survey indicates that 67 percent women think that it is a man’s responsibility to take the initiative to contact her and ask her out. This is the 21st, It’s time to abandon traditional ideologies. If you’re interested in someone on the app, send him a message rather than waiting for him say hi to you. Sometime, building a rapport more effective than giving a hint.
Mentioned above are only some of the mistakes that BBWs tend to make on dating app. On the other hand, plus size ladies should feel confident in their appearance. In fact, most men are attracted to curvy women and you still stand a show of contacting with your Mr.Right. The right approach and the confidence will lead you to the path of getting into a real relationship.